Acclaimed journalist Stephen Kinzer to speak in central Oklahoma.

kinzerok1 STEPHEN KINZER is an award-winning foreign correspondent who has covered more than 50 countries on five continents for the New York Times and many other journals. His articles and books have inspired the Washington Post to call him “among the best in popular foreign policy storytelling.”

Through the cooperation of AANW and local educational institutions, there are several events throughout the central Oklahoma area. Events are free and open to the public.

Lecture: Iran & the U.S.: Permanent Enemies or Natural Partners?

Thursday, November 20th

6:30 pm – Book Signing
7:00 pm – Lecture

Friday, November 21

Noon – 1 PM
108 Wes Watkins Center
SPONSORS: International Studies & Outreach,

5:45 pm
Meinders School of Business, Kerr-McGee Auditorium

AANW Brings Medea Benjamin to Central Oklahoma for Four Speaking Engagements

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink and the international human rights organization Global Exchange, will be in Central Oklahoma for four speaking engagements on September 11 and 12. The author of eight books on her 30 years work for social justice in Central America, Africa, the Middle East, Israel/Palestine, women’s issues, torture, and drones, Medea has been described by the Los Angeles Times as “one of the high profile leaders of the peace movement” she was one of 1,000 women from 140 countries nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the millions of women who do essential global peace work.

AANW is a coalition of local organizations and citizens seeking just and peaceful solutions to global disagreements and conflicts, making arrangements with local universities to share Medea’s message to their students for a rounded discussion on world events.

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  • 12:30 Lecture starts at OCU Great Hall in McDaniel Center


  • 5:00 Kerr Auditorium at Natural History Museum, Norman (doors open)
  • 5:30 Lecture Starts at Nat’l Hist Museum – Kerr Auditorium
  • 6:30 Book signing
  • 7:00 Dinner, short talk, Q&A (must RSVP to attend –



  • 12:00 OSU Luncheon/Lecture at OSU Student Union Ballroom (RSVP required, contact Jamie Hadwin, OSU, 405-744-4035, or email


  • 6:30, Church of Open Arms – 3131 N. Penn, OKC
    FREE and open to the public. Co-sponsored by: AANW Americans Against the Next War, The Peace House, Herland Sister Resources, Center for Conscience in Action.  Join Facebook event. 

    • 6:30 doors open
    • 7:00 Presentation
    • 8:00 Book signing

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson visit to Oklahoma focuses on peaceful solutions to international issues

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson with AANW members Hal Spake and Nathaniel Batchelder.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson with AANW members Hal Spake and Nathaniel Batchelder.

On Feb. 5 and 6, Col Wilkerson visited Central Oklahoma, speaking at several events.

On Feb. 5, he was the guest of the University of Central Oklahoma, and his speech at the Nigh University Center, attended by over 100 students and local residents, was entitled “We Need Not be Enemies: Iran the the U.S. in the 21st Century.”

The talk was followed by a lively question and answer period. The talk was filmed by UCO and is provided here courtesy on the school’s Youtube channel.

On Wednesday, Feb. 6 Col. Wilkerson joined members of Americans Against the Next War for a morning press conference at the Oklahoma State Capitol, emceed by AANW’s Nathaniel Batchelder of the Oklahoma City Peace House. His remarks about U. S. foreign policy in the Middle East and around the world serve as a call for a new perspective by Americans, whose spirits and coffers are drained by more than 10 years of ceaseless war. A different future is possible, if we heed that call.

The following photo montage and audio recording of the press conference was produced by AANW member Rena Guay, Executive Director of the Oklahoma Center for Conscience and Peace Research.

At noon on Wednesday, he made visit to the OU campus for a lunchtime discussion with students, and locals yet more of his experience on the world scene and hard-earned wisdom of politics and diplomacy. That event was sponsored by the College of International Studies and the OU Iranian Studied Program.

Col. Wilkerson jokingly remarked during his visit that Oklahomans sure know how to get their money’s worth out of a speaker. But throughout the visit to our area, the Colonel was forthcoming — seeming to be more than happy to tell his story and share his opinions. Those of us who attended any of his events learned a good deal, and were heartened that his strong voice calling for peace and mutual cooperation, instead of war and threats, was so widely available to us.

Col. Wilkerson is part of The Iran Project, and invites those interested to use the reports and other resources on the project’s web site.

New AANW Billboard Extends Message of Peace

AANW's latest billboard went up in December 2012 and will be displayed in three locations for six months.

AANW’s latest billboard went up in December 2012 and will be displayed in three locations for six months.

Joe Klein on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, and the cavalier call for war

This discussion on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program took place in the morning after the tragic events in Libya on of Sept. 11, 2012. Joe Klein provided sober and informed commentary about the prospects of war with Iran, as well as the seeming efforts to influence US politics by the Israeli prime minister. Klein has visited Iran several times.

Klein: Netanyahu’s comments are ‘brazen’
Time Magazine’s Joe Klein talks about the situation in Libya and calls Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to chide the White House “outrageous and disgusting” saying “it’s not the way friends treat each other.”