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Local news coverage of AANW

A story about AANW has been published in the City Sentinel, an Oklahoma City news weekly. Written by freelance journalist Darla Shelden, the article reports on our founding and very clearly details our concerns about the war talk taking place in some circles in this country (generally the same circles that ginned up the war in Iraq).

“No War on Iran” rally in Oklahoma City shows widespread concern about potential military action

On February 2, members of AANW and others gathered in Oklahoma City for a streetside protest against the notion of using military action in response to the claims that Iran has a nuclear weapons program that is an imminent danger to the US or to any of Iran’s neighbors in the Middle East.

In this video, participants at the demonstration express their concerns and motivations for coming out to the event. The near-constant honking is in response to large signs calling on drivers passing by to “Honk for Peace” and “No War in Iran.”

Organizers said that the honking was the most that any such event had ever elicited in their many “Honk for Peace” events in the city.

The video was shot by Rev. Bruce Prescott of Oklahoma Mainstream Baptists.

For still photos of the event, see this Flickr album, where you can download or link to individual photos.


No War with Iran Action, a set on Flickr.